Abhay Daanam have well skilled vet doctors and paramedical staff who are available 24X7 for bird and animals treatment. We have well trained rescuing team with all rescue tools with the facility of 3 ambulances. Ambulance cover all Delhi-NCR for birds & large animals, also we have branch in Shahada district Maharashtra. Ambulance run there to rescue small animals & birds at all near by locations of Shahada District. At present the Trust has facilities and centers at 4 locations. Three Locations are based in Bharat and One in abroad i.e. Sri Lanka. These locations cover areas of Delhi (NCR), nearby locations from Tirthankara Leni, Shahada (Maharashtra) and throughout Colombo city, Sri Lanka.Also Abhay Daanam recently opened a branch in Dehradun city and planning to expend rescue operations across the city.